Democrats Filibuster the Listening Session

Barack Obama said it would be a listening session for him, but the entire time leading up to it, Obama and the Democrats already plotted to ignore the Republicans.CNN now has data showing just what a grand kabuki dance of non-listening the alleged summit was. Democrats dominated the talk. Of course, Captain Bullcrap said the time limits did not apply to him, just to his party and the GOP. He talked as much himself as each group was collectively allowed to speak. Most of his speaking, however, was lecturing about how we cannot hold him to campaign promises because he was no longer in a campaign and how Eric Cantor should not be using a prop because the GOP in the room was supposed to be the only prop.And for all of the talk of bipartisanship, only a fool or willful idiot could ignore that the only real bipartisanship is coming in opposition to the health care legislation.