Republicans Attacking Rubio, DeMint, and RedState

Lest you think the Republican Party really has gotten on the Marco Rubio bandwagon, this morning’s Politico can disabuse you of that notion.It’s like one of the scenes from your standard horror movie. As the monster is swept into the water/lava/mud/chasm/other plot device, it tries to drag the protagonist with it to its death. Think of the Balrog grabbing Gandalf on its way down.In any event, check out this quote about Marco Rubio going to South Carolina to do a joint fundraiser with Jim DeMint:

“Anything such as this which lends appearance that Marco is already looking past not only the August primary, but the November election, is not a good place for him to be politically,” a Republican strategist told Morning Score. “Oftentimes some forget that while Jim DeMint may have a small universe of followers who read RedState, the reality is that the vast majority of Americans, including in Florida, don’t have the slightest idea who Jim DeMint is.

Never you mind that Charlie Crist routinely leaves Florida to fundraise. In the next couple of weeks, in fact, Crist will be in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. trying to raise money.By the way, “Republican Strategist” is media code for “unemployed Republican”, though blaming the NRSC is always a safe bet. I’m pretty sure I know which unemployed Republican strategist it was.

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