Conservatives for 2010

Jed Babbin has the top story at Human Events today and previews a number of races around the country.I’ve got to take issue with one though. Jed writes: “Retired Navy pilot Mike Lee is challenging Sen. Bob Bennett for the Republican nomination this year. Lee seems like a great guy and some day may be a great candidate. But Bennett’s conservative credentials — though imperfect (he’s an earmark lover) are pretty solid.”Mike isn’t a retired Navy pilot and in my mind Bennett has few conservative credentials to stand on.Bennett is in favor of federal same sex marriage benefit laws, in favor of government funding of abortion, in favor of massive earmarks, in favor of an individual mandate for health care, in favor of amnesty and the Bush immigration plan, in favor of the bailouts and TARP, opposed to the balanced budget amendment, opposed to earmarks reform, and the list goes on and on.Bennett’s conservative credentials consist of three letters and a typographical symbol: R-UTPeople just assume with those, he must be conservative. But nothing could be further from the truth.All that said about my current soapbox issue, Jed nails it with Ovide Lamontagne in New Hampshire, Les Phillips in Alabama, Allen West in Florida, and Tim Burns in Pennsylvania, among others. It is well worth a read.