Bob Bennett Is Really Worried. Senate Staffers Begin Assault on RedState Criticisms.

Bob Bennett must be really worried. In the past couple of weeks, a few people have come to RedState to defend Bob Bennett against our pointed criticisms of just how bad he is.And if this is a defense of Bennett, Bennett is not defendable. A Senate staffer (or Senator?) using the name ecfinder writes:

Erickson, sometimes you make good points. But this one is not one of them. Why are you so against Bennett from Utah? Have you even ever been to Utah? Why do you have so much interest in a state you don’t even reside? I suggest before you actually make such ignorant comments, you actually come and check out the state itself. Utah is the state it is today because of Bennett. He has helped get funding for so many projects and improvements, that Utah would not be the state it is today without his great work in Congress. In fact, Utah would be in a pretty sad state without the work he has done. Try picking on someone from your own state.

So the defense of Bennett is that he’s a porker? That’s actually why so many people in Utah are upset with the guy. He has never met a pig whose bacon he did not want to take home.But this is more troubling. “Utah would not be the state it is today without his great work in Congress.” So Bennett is the indispensable man? Really? The great people of Utah could not and would not have been able to make their state great, but for Bob Bennett?That is just sad and pathetic. But this gets better. A few weeks ago Hogan broke down just how bad Bennett’s health care plan is. The same user defended the Bennett plan writing, “I happen to think Bennett’s plan is brilliant and very much unlike what the democrats have offered. I might note that there are several other well-respected Republicans who happen to be co-sponsors of Bennett’s heatlh care bill. Clearly such distinguished individuals wouldn’t sign on to a bill that was unconstitutional.”Except they did. Bennett’s health care plan clearly requires an individual mandate forcing Americans to buy health insurance. Bennett and his Republican co-sponsors voted last December 23rd that an individual mandate is unconstitutional. Nonetheless, not one of them has withdrawn from sponsoring Bennett’s legislation, which includes an individual mandate.Now, I wonder which Senate staffer it was. And how do I know it was a Senate staffer? We here at RedState can trace the IP address, which goes right back to the United States Senate. The most recent comment actually comes from a Comcast IP address in Virginia.Bob Bennett and his Senate buddies must be really worried to come here and defend him in indefensible ways.