The Chalk Board Gets A Standing Ovation

Image descriptionOMG my head is going to explode from the sheer level of awesomeness in Glenn Beck’s speech.He brought out the chalk board to a standing ovation. He’s going after the Democrats and the Republicans for progressivism. He’s taking no prisoners making the case for conservatives to drive out progressives and defeat them.Amen and amen.Glenn goes on to say “it’s not enough to just not suck as much as the other guy.” He says you’ve got to admit you have a problem and “I have not heard people in the Republican Party admit they have a problem. I haven’t seen them have a ‘come to Jesus moment yet.’””One party will tax and spend. The other part won’t tax, but will spend.””We do not have the right to health care, housing, or hand outs.””I wanna hang myself every time I hear a politician say ‘I got a letter from a little girl the other day.’ Shut up!””Don’ tell me we should be more like Europe. Europe should be looking over here.” Crowd breaks into a “U-S-A” chant.”To restore America, we need less Marx and more Madison.””Please stop teaching my children that everybody will get a trophy. What is this? The Nobel Prize?””We didn’t get a single right from the President or from the Congress. We got them from God. And when he gives them to us he gives a warning bell and we hear it when someone tries to take the rights from us. And that’s what we’re hearing right now.””Progressives changed their name to liberals. Every time America catches on to liberal policies the liberals change their name. Now they’re back to progressives. What’ll they be next? Royal Order of the Orange?”