M&M Republicans

Jed has the top story today at Human Events.

As they ponder President Obama’s invitation to the February 25 Blair House “summit” on health care, the GOP leadership can save themselves a lot of time and money. Instead of commissioning expensive polls or seeking advice from their Gucci-shod consultants, they can get all the advice they need in an M&Ms commercial that ran during the Superbowl. It shows a Plain and panting M&M running away, against the inexorable force of a grocery conveyor belt delivering him to the checkout gal. Surrendering to the inevitable, he sits himself on the scanner and is popped into a bag next to one that holds his pal, the Peanut M&M.  Peanut’s not a genius.  He exclaims, “Hey, look: we’re on the guest list.”  Rolling his eyes skyward, an exasperated Plain responds, “It’s the menu.”Even before President Obama issued his February 12 invitation to GOP congressional leaders, some were eagerly proclaiming themselves Peanuts.  Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) — apparently worried that he wouldn’t be on the menu — sent a letter to Obama on February 9, saying, “I am pleased that you plan to convene a bipartisan meeting to discuss proposals to achieve needed reforms to our health care system and look forward to sharing some ideas that will put us on the path to achieve your stated goals…” That obeisance didn’t earn Gregg an invitation.