Why We Should Rally Around Marlin Stutzman in Indiana

With the surprise announcement today of Democratic Senator and former Indiana Governor Evan Bayh retiring, the dynamics dramatically change for the Republicans in Indiana. The DC Republican crowd pushed former Senator Dan Coats into the race last week. I get that a lot of people will back Dan Coats. I have a lot of respect for Dan Coats. But the man retired in 1998 and then publicly announced he was moving to North Carolina. Then he became a lobbyist.The GOP needs to change its public image that voters have. It should not be using retired Senators who moved out of the state and become a lobbyist to do that.We need younger faces and fresher voices. We need guys like Marco Rubio. And we need guys like Marlin Stutzman.Marlin is pro-life. He supports the second amendment. He will be right on spending. He is a perfect fit for Indiana. His farming background is compelling. He’s voted conservatively in the Indiana legislature.I believe the GOP can do better and can rebuild and can raise up young conservative leaders. I believe Marlin Stutzman fits the bill and is someone we will not regret rallying behind.I have given the guy money. He’s got my support. I hope you’ll take a look too. At a time when Republicans poll worse than Democrats, but have, ironically, a chance to take back Congress, we need new guys so that the voters, if the GOP does take back Congress, the voters will not regret the decision.If you don’t want to browse his website, just take 30 seconds and watch this:

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