Code Pink Ruined My Wardrobe

Here’s today’s top story at Human Events.

The best thing about my job is attending Senate and House Armed Services hearings. The worst thing about my job is attending Senate and House hearings. On the one hand, the rights we have as Americans to freely observe our government in action should be reason enough for us to daily fall prostrate and thank God above we were born in this country. On the other hand, there’s all that other stuff we have to put up with precisely because we live in a free country. I’ll delay suspense and get right to the point; Code Pink wrecked my wardrobe, and possibly pinks in general. This epiphany came while I was attending last weeks Senate Armed Services hearing on the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). It happened about half way through the hearing when I noticed a concerned look on the face of a Congressional Cop. Knowing this hearing was the roll out for the QDR I suspected he was keeping an eye out for the crazies. Which, as it turns out, he was. Curious, I looked to see at whom he looking. Seated on the aisle, visible for the cameras and Senators, was an older woman holding a small pink sign that read, “Defund the Military.” This annoyed me… greatly. As an individual whose spouse, brother, father, father-in-law, grandfather, uncle, and cousins have all proudly served, I bristled at the punk bravado.