Whoever is doing the RNC direct mail might should be fired or humiliated at least

I hadn’t heard about this except in my local newspaper (go to the bottom bit).The RNC sent out a direct mail fundraising piece calling it a “2010 Congressional District Census,” timed right with the government starting up its ad campaign about mailing out census forms.Yeah, cheesy and dumb. I got one. I opened it because I hadn’t rolled my eyes enough that day then I ripped it up. RNC doesn’t get a penny from me. Never has. As an aside, it was pretty obvious it was campaign garbage, but then probably only because I am used to getting this junk.In any event, the local Chairman of Georgia’s 8th Congressional District for the Democrats got one. The Chairman and his wife, good people both, are Democratic activists and have been for a while. If this mailing was based on voter registration, you’d find the publicly available voter record file at your friendly neighborhood Secretary of State would easily indicate they regularly vote in Democratic primaries, a key indicator that someone is . . . um . . . not likely to give money to the GOP.And if that wasn’t obvious enough, the Governor of Montana also got the same letter. He is a Democrat too.Let’s get past the high level of dumb in the mail piece — and it was pretty dumb. Should the geniuses sending out the mail for the RNC be saving at least some money on postage by CHECKING to make sure the mail is not going to people who, in campaign parlance, are considered “hard Democrats”?If the GOP can’t spend its money wisely on mail — and screening out hard Democrats is really easy — how the heck can GOP donors expect it to spend its money wisely on, you know, winning?