The Big Birfer Speaks

This is about the funniest thing I’ve ever read.Ladies and gentlemen, this guy is some sort of pseudo-journalist mouthpiece for that idiot lawyer from California, Orly Taitz.These are the people we are relying on to document the eligibility of Barack Obama?!?!Charlton writes

It appears that Eric Erickson, the Editor-in-Chief of Redstate.com, is an attorney who once practiced law in the same courthouse as the infamous Judge Clay D. Land, who sanctioned Attorney Orly Taitz for having the daring to plead the Eligibility question in the case of Captain Connie Rhodes’s deployment.Erickson himself admits that he was an attorney with Sell & Mellon, L.L.P, of Macon, Georgia. His former law firm proudly displays an image of the William Augustus Bootle Building, where Taitz appeared before Land.It is not known if the clients of Sell & Mellon are known political donors to the Democrat Party, but if any were, that might be a reason for Erickson’s animus.

Actually, the William Augustus Bootle Federal Courthouse is most decidedly not where Judge Clay Land presides. It is the central seat of the Middle District of Georgia, but Land presides in a courthouse in Columbus, GA. Likewise, he did not become a judge until way the heck after I left practicing law.Additionally, the law firm’s name was Sell & Melton, not Mellon. If the supposed chronicler of the birfer movement can look at a website and get the name of the law firm wrong and totally miss the fact that Orly Taitz’s representation of that soldier in Columbus, GA happened in Columbus, GA, what the heck sort of credibility can we trust these people to have with the actual facts?BOLD FACT FOR THE BIRFERS: The time to raise the question was before the man got elected President and as every single court that has heard it has thrown it out, these people are insane. No federal judge would ever throw out the election of a man who was chosen by FIFTY-ONE PERCENT of the American public. Oh, and Obama was born in Hawaii.SECOND BOLD FACT FOR THE BIRFERS: What do George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. W. Bush, Ronald W. Reagan, Jimmy E. Carter, and Barack Obama all have in common besides being elected President? None of them had to present a birth certificate before they ran for office. Why is Obama special? You people just don’t like Hawaiians, do you?

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