Lincoln Davis Steals A Website: Your Overnight Lack of Democrat Technologists Having Original Thoughts

I read this article:

The New York Times Bay Area Blog recently took a look at the issue of plagiarism among students in computer science classes. The widespread availability of code on the Internet makes it easy for computer science students to find solutions to common assignments. Computer science professors retaliate by devising increasingly sophisticated automated systems to detect instances of code plagiarism.

And it made me think about my friends at the Stoneridge Group — the best political mail shop in America, and increasingly one of the best web design firms for candidates in America. I love these guys.(As an aside, if you’re a candidate, you should be using these guys. They win. And they aren’t paying me to say that. Back when I was doing political consultant, I either used them or knew my guy was toast because the other guy was using them.)In any event, Stoneridge Group designed this website for Nathan Deal, the present congressman and a candidate for governor in the state of Georgia.It’s a pretty unique look for a website with the column formatting on the right and all the linkage at bottom with the central photo. The site has been up for a while.Well, I guess it was so good that some Democrat web designers decided to steal it.First came the Pinellas County Democrats with their Kennedy-King Dinner. Recognize that format? Yeah, me too.But even more blatantly is Congressman Lincoln Davis. Take a look. Right down to the obnoxiously in your face headshot of the old guy. Lincoln Davis even stole the gradient of the text and the “Act!”.That’s just pathetic. Lincoln Davis has spent his whole time in Congress pretending to be a Republican while voting as a Democrat. Now he’s going so far as to steal a Repubican website template for his own campaign. The least he could do is give the Stoneridge Group some credit.It just goes to show how good the Stoneridge Group has become. Even the Democrats want to copy them. And here I thought it was the Democrats who were supposed to be out front on the web.