Why It Is Important

If you are reading this on February 10, 2010, TODAY IS THE DAY.

Tomorrow, February 10, 2010, Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund is launching a money bomb for Marco Rubio.

You need to understand specifically why it is important that this be a success.

DeMint is under massive and sustained attacks from establishment Republicans for daring to challenge the hand picked candidates of the Washington GOP crowd. These people think you and DeMint are a joke. These people think that you cannot beat them at what they view as their game.

They blame Jim DeMint for pushing Arlen Specter to the Democrats. Even the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal attacked Jim DeMint for endorsing Pat Toomey. But now Toomey is beating both Specter and Sestak in the polling.

Then there is Marco Rubio, the target of the present money bomb. The Republican leadership in Washington flocked to Charlie Crist. They launched “on background” attacks against Jim DeMint in Roll Call for daring to step out of line and back Rubio.

And all the while they said DeMint could not win. He could not raise the money. You would not give the money. And the conservative effort would fail.

That is why it is important to support this money bomb. That is why it is important to give what you can. Show Washington that Jim DeMint and conservatives across America will take back the Republican Party from the leaders who support compromising with Obama on national health care, who support bailing out automakers, and who support plans like TARP.

If Jim DeMint fails, it will be seen as our failure.

Go here, read the note from Senator DeMint, then give what you can. And if you can give a little extra to help the Senate Conservatives Fund, so much the better.

I’m in for $100.00. Who is with me?