Michael Steele Plays the Race Card

Every time I try to give Michael Steele the bnefit of the doubt, he opens his mouth again.

“I don’t see stories about the internal operations of the DNC that I see about this operation,” Steele said. “Why? Is it because Michael Steele is the chairman, or is it because a black man is chairman?”

Talking to ABC News later in the day, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee “clarified” what he meant.

“It’s not because of my race, but race is more of a factor than it ordinarily would be — just as it is for Barack Obama,” Steele said in response to a question following up on the Washingtonian piece.

Actually, it could have nothing to do with race and everything to do with outsourcing the RNC to the same consultants who have been bleeding the RNC dry for years. It could have something to do with management styles. It could have everything to do with the Chairman never meeting a shoe he didn’t want to eat.And as if right on cue, former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder, a black man, is rendering moot the “I don’t see stories about the internal operations of the DNC” line.Wilder is calling on Obama to toss Tim Kaine.Try again, Michael. Try again.

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