The god Who Makes Sure We Know He is There

Football. It’s not just America’s past time, it is an escape from the monotony of daily life, from politics, and from life’s little encumbering affairs that bog us down.But Barack Obama will have none of it. Like last year, this year Barack Obama made sure to disrupt the pre-game show with an interview just to make sure we all knew, if we didn’t pay attention to any of the other press conferences he has had in the past week, that he is there.It is a bit funny. The real God is a more active, yet more invisible, presence in all of our lives, from the beating of our hearts, to the rain that wets the soil, but he does not feel the need to do press conferences every other day to make sure we know he is still in charge?What is it with Obama that compels him to get in our faces at the times we most want to escape politics — regardless of party — to have an interview with Katie Couric. Perhaps they, both pro-abortion advocates, felt the need to subtly balance out Pam Tebow.In the secular world, the government takes the place of God — standing in for social services in place of the church, standing in for worship in place of fixation on a deity, etc. In the third world, the Dear Leader also makes sure to put his face everywhere so all can venerate him everywhere.Thus we become a third world nation.