McCain and Hayworth Faceoff - HUMAN EVENTS

We’re going to be hearing a lot about this race. It’s Human Events’ top story today.

Those who believe only Democratic incumbents are at risk in the 2010 election need look no further than Arizona.Republican Sen. John McCain, the man who might have been president, suddenly appears vulnerable in his bid for a fourth term. A recent statewide poll conducted in January by the Behavior Research Center in Phoenix found McCain with a favorability rating of just 41 percent, his lowest numbers since 1994, when he was immersed in the Keating Five scandal.Enter J.D. Hayworth, the former Republican congressman-turned-radio talk-show host and Tea Party champion. As Hayworth describes it, he was minding his own business, doing his talk show on KFYI-AM in Phoenix, when a Rasmussen Reports poll released at Thanksgiving showed him in a statistical dead heat in a hypothetical primary race against McCain.Next thing he knew, the McCain campaign was running attack ads against him on his own radio station. “J.D. Hayworth,” the ads intone. “That’s not what Arizona wants.”