Late in the Day, a Growing Movement in Illinois Rallies to the Politically Numinous

image For weeks and weeks my email has been peppered with notes from people in Illinois along the lines of this one:

You keep talking about Pat Hughes, but what about Adam Andrzejewski? He’s a dream candidate. He’s a Rubio.

Everyone these days calls their candidate a Rubio. Guess what? Andrzejewski is a Rubio — well spoken, attractive, conservative to his core, and with a zealous band of conservative supporters.Oh, and he strikes fear and dread into the heart of the old guard Republicans who led Illinois off the cliff into the hands of an even more corrupt Democrat Party.Let me say one more thing about Andrzejewski that I have not said about Marco Rubio. In his uniqueness as a candidate, his story, and the sheer dread he instills in the corrupt old guard of Illinois, he is politically numinous.1Yeah. I’ve become convinced. That is a very bold statement, but the ferver for this guy is, among desperate voters in Illinois hungering for truth, honesty, and transparency in government, overwhelming. The movement to elect Adam Andrzejewski elected is akin to a quest. And outside of Illinois, he is on very few radars.Stacey McCain has joined the bandwagon. Polish hero Lech Walesa is on board too, and going to campaign for Andrzejewski.With a Republican and Democratic establishment tired, corrupt, and morally bankrupt in Illinois, the state is in a world of hurt. This past week, Adam Andrzejewski debated his rivals in the Republican primary and it became all against Adam. One went so far as to lecture Andrzejewski on his call for transparency saying Andrzejewski just must not know what’s going on and that’s why he wants transparency. Duh.Then there is this article from 2006. Read it. (PDF) Read it all. This guy is an American success story. He’s the type of guy we always say we want in politics, but then ignore once he enters the arena. Except this time people are not ignoring him.The race in Illinois is exceptionally close with little time left. Adam Andrzejewski has a real, solid, tangible chance of winning. He has given hope to a disenchanted base of people — conservatives and independents — who want the best of themselves reflected in those who lead them.

  1. For those of you rushing to the dictionary, “numinous” is an adjective “suggesting the presence of a divinity” — particularly the fear, awe, and trembling. See e.g. C.S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain. I use the word intentionally here. No, Andrzejewski is not divine, but among the political elites and the base in Illinois, he is conjuring up the same awe, dread, trembling, and passion. His presence in the race is spooking a lot of people and turning others to passionate evangelism for him.