links for 2010-01-26

  • When Chris Buckley uses his wit to mock the President he voted for, you have both a must read and warning sign for Obama.
  • Interesting post. However, while I have no problem with each state adopting a right of recall, there is no doubt in my mind that it would not apply to federally elected office holders. The same logic that applied to term limits would apply. Maybe we need a federal recall amendment.
  • The Heartland Institute will have a live blog of the State of the Union address, which interestingly enough you'll be able to embed into your own site, if you are interested. Very cool.
  • This post from Ed Fuelner at the Heritage Foundation is extremely well done. By the way, if you missed it, the U.S. dropped significantly on the Heritage Freedom index this past year.
  • Richard Cohen makes a lot of sense.
  • There is just one flaw in the reasoning — the constitution prohibits the President and Vice President from being from the same state.