Is Boehner Helping Obama’s Second Coming?

This is an interesting column by Jed Babbin.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) popped a surprise on the Republican Conference in their January 20 meeting.  President Obama had accepted his invitation to appear at their Baltimore retreat scheduled for January 29, two days after the State of the Union speech. According to several dismayed conservative members that attended the meeting and sought me out in the two days that followed, North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx asked Boehner whose idea it was and was told it was “the leadership.”  When Foxx pressed him on precisely who among the leadership came up with the idea, Boehner demurred.  So what is the point to the invitation?Boehner’s high-risk strategy apparently is to engage the newly-weakened president on Republican alternatives on health care and the economy in the hope that he will admit that the ideas are worth including in his 2010 agenda.  If he does so publicly, it will be a huge Republican win. But if he doesn’t — and Obama is too smart to fall into this obvious trap — Republican ideas will again be cast aside and Obama’s agenda revived.

Either way, it appears Boehner could be setting Obama up for a loss.