The Top Ten Posts of 2009

I’ve been reminded of my negligence. I try to do a post each January 1st highlighting the top ten posts of the previous year. Well, here is the 2009 list, but there are actually 11 posts on it. The number ten spot is shared by two posts that got the exact same number of hits.Congrats to Jeff Emanuel for the most read story of 2009:

1. Call For Informants: If You Oppose Obamacare, Even in ‘Casual Conversation,’ the White House Wants to Know About It

2. Obama Administration Intends to Purge Republicans From the Civil Service

3. History Is (Re)Written By The Winners

4. We Are No Longer a Nation of Laws. Senate Sets Up Requirement for Super-Majority to Ever Repeal Obamacare

5. Obama Brownshirts Try to Silence Glenn Beck

6. A Review of ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis’s Rolodex Suggests Strong White House Ties

7. Joe Wilson: Great American Hero! Bob Bennett: Unrepentant Fool

8. The Playboy Article (NSFW)

9. Let’s Talk Astroturf

10. White House tries to muzzle media; draws back a bloody stump.

10. Fight.

What I find so unusual about this past year’s is just how many of the posts came from late in the year and still managed to get so much traffic.Well done.