Sparks Fly as 'Courting Disaster' Author Clashes with CNN's Amanpour

I wrote about this last night, but I wanted to highlight it again. Instead of me recreating the wheel, jump over to Human Events where you can read key bits of the transcript between Thiessen and Amanpour. This is powerful stuff. Thiessen really did well defending the CIA and enhanced interrogation. It was delightful watching him make everyone one else eat their words.Example:

Thiessen told Amanpour, “There have been so many so misstatements told about the enhanced interrogation techniques, comparing them to the Spanish Inquisition and the Khmer Rouge, and I have to tell you Christiane, you are one of the people who have spread these mistruths.” An incredulous Amanpour replied, “Excuse me?” Thiessen pulled out a transcript of her story from her visit to S-21, and said “Let me read to you what you said.” He then quoted Amanpour’s report:“I stared blankly at another of Van Nath’s paintings. This time a prisoner is submerged in a life-size box full of water, handcuffed to the side so he cannot escape or raise his head to breathe. His interrogators, arrayed around him, are demanding information. I asked Van Nath whether he had heard this was once used on America’s terrorist suspected. He nodded his head. ‘It’s not right.”Thiessen told Amanpour, “That is completely false.” Amanpour asked, “That’s false?” Thiessen told her, “We did not submerge people in a box of water.”