Wow. Marc Thiessen Smokes Amanpour and Sands

I had wanted to make my way through Courting Disaster: How the CIA Kept America Safe and How Barack Obama Is Inviting the Next Attack before writing about it (full disclosure: Regnery Publishing, like us, is owned by Eagle Publishing, Inc.), but in light of tonight’s interview between Marc Thiessen and Christiane Amanpour, I need to write about it now.

You are going to want this book. It is an in-depth account of not just how the CIA kept us from having more domestic terror attacks after 9/11, but also how Obama has begun systematically making us vulnerable again.

I ask on a near weekly basis how many of us are going to get killed because of what Obama is doing on the national security front. This book suggests a great many more of us than any of us thought possible.

And tonight, Thiessen was supposed to debate Phillipe Sands with Amanpour moderating. Instead, Amanpour interjected herself into the debate after Thiessen confronted her with her own words and the roller coaster interview began.

Here is the first clip:

and here is the second. You really need to watch them.

Thiessen, figuratively, picks up Amanpour, turns her over, and uses her to mop up the water left over from her failed attempt at an interview waterboarding of him.

What makes it so spectacular is that Thiessen reads to Amanpour her own words and tells her what she said “is completely false.” She goes ballastic and he proceeds to then mop the floor with her.

Like watching MSNBC last night as they began to cry, this is must see TV.

UPDATE: More at Human Events.

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