Jim "Wellington" DeMint: Winner

Jim DeMint declared Obamacare to be Barack Obama’s “Waterloo.” It was. And like Napoleon, Obama is defeated (for now at least). Like Wellington, DeMint has been throwing the punches and scoring the points more effectively than many of his colleagues, which has them privately perturbed at the senator’s growing popularity among the GOP base.Not a week goes by without an anonymous aides from a Republican leader or the NRSC attacking Jim DeMint. But while these anonymous aides’ bosses were quietly helping Scott Brown — only after tea party activists flooded him with money — Jim DeMint was publicly supporting Brown, sending out emails from the Senate Conservatives Fund (“SCF”) encouraging SCF supporters to donate to Brown. Now DeMint has another scalp from the Obama administration and another huge win. Shortly after the Christmas Day attempted bombing of the Delta flight, the Obama machine began an offensive against DeMint for putting a hold on Erroll Southers, the White House’s nominee to head the TSA.DeMint had tied up the nomination despite Southers sailing through committee with little opposition. Had DeMint not held up Southers, we would have never known the White House never fully vetted Southers. Further, video came out of Southers claiming “Christian identity” groups like the KKK and pro-lifers were a bigger national security threat than Islamic terrorists. While Media Matters desperately tried to spin this out of the way, Southers was trapped by his own words, including a plea for the U.S. to ditch Israel as an ally.Today, with the Democrats losing their filibuster proof Senate majority that hasn’t done them any good anyway, Erroll Southers has withdrawn his nomination.Jim DeMint: Winner.

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