Poor Little Davey Shuster

Poor Davey Shuster. He has to go to Twitter to pontificate because more people pay attention to his twit feed than watch him on that other network.Today he’s disparaging tea party activists for not buying his spin on Rush Limbaugh:

I love the teaparty faithful who defend Rush. They are not the most literate, articulate, or thoughtful bunch… but that’s okay.

You mean they are like Olbermann? That really is insulting.A staffer on the Hill who saw it commented, “One has to appreciate the irony that on the same day that voters are holding Democrats accountable in Massachusetts for thumbing their nose at anyone who objects to their ideological agenda – including tea party protestors – David Shuster is displaying the same arrogant, elitist behavior as Chuck Schumer, John Kerry and others. It’s little wonder his ratings are so far behind everyone – from the Price is Right to the Weather Channel to Fox News. Maybe he’d make a better weatherman.”