Obama's Unicorn of Hope and Change Died Under the Weight of Ted Kennedy's Ego

In Massachusetts, Barack Obama’s unicorn of hope and changed died under the weight of Ted Kennedy’s ego. The left gets angry when it is pointed out, but it is an objective fact.Once Kennedy’s condition became terminal, he could have resigned his seat in favor of an appointment or special election. Instead, the Democrats and Kennedy decided he should martyr himself to advance socialized medicine in America. Had he resigned before the health care debate began, the Republican victory in Massachusetts would be a myth. Instead, it is now a reality. Yes, you can credit Ted Kennedy with killing health care, not just Mary Jo Kopechne.ObamaCare was on life support. Scott Brown just removed its feeding tube thanks to Ted Kennedy.There are ten other things to take away from Scott Brown’s victory:1. Someone needs to ask Keith Olbermann, David Shuster, and the Democrats how the teabags taste.2. Scott Brown should give the Republican response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech next week. From his truck.2. Centrist Democrats are running away from health care deform as fast as possible now. As Evan Bayh (D-IN) said, if Massachusetts is not a wake up call, there is no waking up for the Democrats.3. The GOP has as much to worry about from Scott Brown’s victory as the Democrats do. Consider this: Brown ran against the DC Republican establishment as much as the Democrat establishment. When the DC Republicans put in their $500,000.00 after the tea party had already raised Brown millions, they did so quietly and under the radar. Contrast that with Jim DeMint, who publicly endorsed Brown and used the Senate Conservatives Fund as a vessel to rally conservative activists for Scott Brown very publicly.4. Jim DeMint said health care was Barack Obama’s Waterloo. Yup. And the people of Massachusetts delivered the decisive blow. Today we may have to start calling DeMint “Wellington.” He, not the GOP, has beaten Obama like a drum on health care.5. Like it or not — Mitt Romney: Winner. But the health care issue in Massachusetts could be a serious vulnerability for him in light of the voters of Massachusetts who have the Democrats’ universal health care dream have voted for the candidate opposed to expanding that “dream” to the nation.6. There are a number of liberal Democrats tonight who are thinking the following: force health care through, take the hit in November, then expect every election from here on out to be about problems with health care — the Democrats will, in every case, be able and willing to outbid the GOP thereby creating a permanent Democratic majority. They will try it if they can. The GOP must not get overconfident of a health care deform defeat.7. Little noticed bit of Scott Brown trivia: he polled better on the issue of “enemy combatants” than on health care. Voters really do not trust the Democrats on national security and it is growing in the conscience of voters as a very real issue.8. How many people will die because Barack Obama’s White House is incompetent? This is not hyperbole. No competent White House would spend political capital on a trip to Europe to sell the Olympics without a guarantee it would happen. No competent White House would spend political capital two days before an election viewed as a referendum on the President of the United States with the President’s candidate’s poll numbers cratering. If the White House is not competent in spending the President’s political capital, how the heck can it be competent to save American lives?9. The Left tells us the nation is now ungovernable. Actually, the allegedly ungovernable citizenry just told those attempting to govern to go to hell.10. In 2008, Independent voters voted for Obama to prove they were not the racist bigots the media and Democrats hypothesized they were. Ever since, Independents have been voting against Obama to prove they also are not socialists.BONUS NUMBER 11: A year ago today, Barack Obama was sworn in as President of the United States. Today, he wakes up rejected by the independents who elected him and a social pariah within the Democrat Party. Outside of the Congressional Black Caucus and a handful of far left seats in Congress, it is hard, this morning, to imagine any Democrat wanting Barack Obama to go out on the campaign trail. Every statewide candidate for whom Obama has campaigned since his election has lost.