What Do Sarah Palin and Jesus Christ Have In Common?

Having survived the day and in a relatively good mood, with a devil may care attitude, comments are now allowed.


I don’t know what it is about Sarah Palin that sets people off, but there is very little in between. The reaction people have to Sarah Palin is very much the reaction many people have to Jesus — both offend and disgust the secular values of some and with others failing to embrace either sends you straight to hell. Judging by my conversation with Governor Palin a few weeks ago when I asked her why the left has more compassion for Al Qaeda than for conservative women and minorities, I think she gets it and finds some humor in it.

I was on the Morning Joe last week and was asked about Sarah Palin. I made a point I have made repeatedly. In 2008, Obama and Palin were, to many people, empty vessels into which people poured their hopes and dreams without really knowing anything about either. Obama admitted as much about himself in his biography.

I said this again yesterday on a podcast with Dr. Melissa Clothier. I’ve also added repeated (and I’ve used this comparison frequently) that with Obama, most people are coming away disappointed in that who he actually is is quite a bit different from the hopey-changey vessel of good tidings people assumed he was. With Palin, a lot of people got it right — she’s a solid Christian, a real agent of change, a threat to the secular left and feminist movement because she can carry a baby and think at the same time, etc. That’s the benefit of being an honest Alaskan instead of a Manchurian candidate.

But there is a serious problem developing among some of Palin’s biggest fans.

Unfortunately, given the nature of some of the people who are going to read this, I have to stop here and say I’m a big Palin fan. I like her a lot. I’d gladly support her. I want her in federal office of some kind. And I think John McCain could have picked no finer person to be his running mate. Frankly, the results of 2008 might have been different had the positions been reversed.

Got that? Unfortunately this statement of support is not good enough for some of Palin’s most ardent supporters and I think that is harmful to Governor Palin and to having a real conversation about the GOP, conservatives, and where we head politically in general.

I understand that a great many of Palin’s supporters, myself included, have felt on the defensive for a while. The media genuinely hates this woman. The left is more revolted by Palin than they ever were by Bush.

I get that.

But I also get that there are Republicans who like — even love — Sarah Palin who think some of her handlers might not give her the best of advice or think she should or should not do one thing or another. And i’m finding, both from personal experience and the experience of friends, that when those points are brought up, the person raising the point is often inappropriately attacked as a Palin hater.

Sometimes, yeah. But most times, no. I get that there are people who read RedState and comment here who do not like Palin. And I get that there are people here who love her. Put me on that side. But I also get that there are people who have concerns and get really pathetically attacked for voicing those concerns.

Just consider the reaction to this post I wrote about Palin going to the Tea Party Convention. I did not write it intending at all to be critical of Sarah Palin. In fact, I wrote it hoping her handlers might take some notice and reconsider. That Governor Palin has now publicly said the money is going to the fight really ameliorates the situation.

Since that post was written, I have been inundated with complaints that I was attacking Palin. The proof? Michelle Bachmann is going and I didn’t mention her. Well, I happen to know Congresswoman Bachmann read that post and could use her own judgment. I did not mention Congresswoman Bachmann because the big draw, the headliner, the reason for being in the minds of many is Governor Palin.

It will be Governor Palin who is attacked by the press if my fears turn out to be true. I am concerned about her in this particular instance.

But that hasn’t stopped a number of shell shocked supporters still in their bunkers from firing both barrels because I suggested something Governor Palin is doing might need to be reconsidered.

Additionally, because I also have suggested she should, in fact, not miss CPAC given it is a mass crowd of both establishment and activist conservatives from every age group, I am a bought and paid for shill for CPAC since Eagle Publishing is a sponsor.

Writing posts like this is something I do and applies to many people from George Bush to Jim DeMint to Sarah Palin.

I’ve turned off the comments to this post because I know for certain there will be some people who want to attack Sarah Palin. There will be some people who want to attack anyone critical of Sarah Palin. And neither is helpful, nor really relevant to this. Read the post. If you have serious concerns or questions, email me.

If the people who love Sarah Palin and lack the discernment to distinguish between real attacks and honest criticism or suggestions fly off the handle at everything other than unwavering support, they are going to have a hard time being advocates for Governor Palin in the future. With all the attacks against her by the media and the left, she is going to need all of us defending her.

Attacking me or any other Palin supporter for saying something in public we think needs to be said is fair from the love and war standpoint, but when the rest of team can’t have a rational conversation because everything other than hagiography is viewed as an attack, why even be on the team?

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