EADS = Corruption

Kansas’s next Senator, Todd Tiahrt (who I still think needs to buy an extra vowel for his last name from Vanna White) has a very interesting column at Human Events today. It’s well worth considering.

Washington is full of hyperbolism. We often talk about something being the best, the worst, or the most scandalous. Some of these statements are true; most are not. So when a government official told me that the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS), also the parent company of Airbus, is “the most corrupt corporation in the world,” I was initially skeptical. Given EADS’ growing role as a Pentagon supplier and a competitor for the Air Force’s $100 billion KC-X Next Generation Aerial Refueling tanker, I felt responsible to closely examine EADS’ dealings around the world. What we found was deeply concerning and confirmed what I had been told: EADS has a long history of corruption and bribery around the globe that has cost thousands of high-paying, high-quality American jobs. The American people should not be forced to finance corrupt companies. Even more so, we should not be outsourcing our vital national security tools, such as the tanker, to corrupt foreign companies. But given our obscure corruption laws and outrageous government policy when it comes to foreign competitors, the United States not only gives EADS a pass on its corrupt practices, but extends special benefits not even American companies receive.