A Couple of Points

1. If Scott Brown pulls very close to Coakley or wins on Tuesday, does that not kill the stupid little argument Obama has been trotting out that the Democrats need to pass health care deform to rally the Democratic base? I mean, if health care hangs in the balance by this one campaign, you’d think of all the people in America, the Massachusetts voters would storm the polls to “git ‘er done.”2. The Democrats have certainly realized that cameras are serious causes of intimidation. They do not want cameras to film the health care negotiations because they fear voter intimidation based on what happens. But they are outright desperate to get cameras into the courtroom in California to make sure all the faces of those who oppose gay marriage can be seen by the militant gay rights activists who threatened, bullied, attacked, and boycotted those who gave money to Prop. 8 donors. Intimidation at its finest.