I still believe Harry Reid will retire

I firmly believe Harry Reid will not seek re-election, but will retire. This makes me more convinced.

New Rasmussen Reports numbers out today show the Democrat’s support has plunged 7 points since last month, a time frame involving his demeaning remarks on his president’s skin color and manner of speaking. That puts Reid right at 36% approval now, less than 10 months before Nov. 2 midterm elections. That 36% is barely half the 61% vote total Reid got in his last re-election bid, even saddled then with the losing John Kerry-John Edwards national ticket way back in 2004.Today’s poll news comes atop what The Ticket reported here the other day, a recent…….Las Vegas Review-Journal poll that put the veteran senator at 33% state approval, his lowest ever. And this 70-year-old has been around Silver state politics for a very long time.

Go, go Tarkanian.