Give to Help Haiti

eds_white.jpgAs we learn more and more about Haiti, we know for sure that nation is truly devastated. The Salvation Army is where I always give money. The organization gives a phenomenal amount of its proceeds to the cause, not to administrative overhead.

Folks, you know I always say give to candidates. But candidates can wait. Relief cannot. Please give what you can.

We can help. Right now the people of Haiti need it.


Update by Jeff: There are several quality organizations working to help the people of Haiti, and your generous donation to any one of them will do immeasurable good for those affected by this horrific tragedy. If you want your personal donation to get the most possible mileage, though, you might consider looking at a smaller, more intimate, Haiti-centric nonprofit like the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty. I’ve donated to them today, as have several of my fellow Contributors.

No matter who you give to, or what you give, though, your generous donations and your efforts to spread the word about these relief organizations truly do make a difference.