Steve Rothaus Must be an Idiot

I don’t know who Steve Rothaus is, but he is clearly an idiot.In a column for the Miami Herald, Rothaus writes

A recent tweet from Erick Erickson of Redstate.com criticized a hiring decision by the Crist campaign as “birds of a feather,” a sly reference to Charlie Crist’s sexuality. 

Here is the tweet in question. It reads, “Charlie Crist hires a Mitch McConnell staffer. Birds of a feather and all that.” Um, Mr. Rothaus might want to pay attention to facts before trying to out Charlie Crist while blaming Marco Rubio for doing so.Yes, note that Rubio gets the blame for my tweet, not me. The desperation by some of these people knows no bounds. I would say that the “birds of a feather” reference meant that a porker like Crist would naturally hire the staffer of a porker like McConnell, but I think Rothaus would need a cold shower for that one to.”Squishy Republicans”, my general term for folks like Crist and McConnell, probably would get Rothaus seeing all sorts of unintended meaning too.What an idiot.[UPDATE:] It appears Rothaus’s column has disappeared down a hole. Again, Mr. Rothaus, I am implying nothing. No pun intended.