The Man Who Would Keep Us Safe From Terrorists Would Rather Focus on Baptists Than Islamic Terrorists


Had Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) not put a hold on the nomination of Erroll Southers to be the head of TSA, he might have been confirmed by the Senate without any serious digging into his background.

We know, for example, that the White House now admits it did not vet Mr. Southers. In fact, were you to pass through a TSA checkpoint at the airport, you will have been more heavily vetted that Mr. Southers.

But now there is new and far more troubling information about Mr. Southers caught on video. According to Erroll Southers, pro-life Christians and our support of Jews is a bigger threat to national security than Al Qaeda.

Mr. Southers, in 2008, said he was more worried about “Christian identity” terrorist groups inside the U.S. than islamic terrorists. What are “Christian identity” terrorist groups? White-supremacists naturally. The KKK. And the Southern Baptist Convention.

Southers identifies pro-life groups and anti-government activists as particular problems.

Yes, you read that right. Mr. Southers is worried more about tea party activists than Islamic terrorists.

Mr. Southers also thinks that America itself is to blame for the terrorist attacks. Had we not sided with Israel and France, which he says is an anti-Islamic nation, we would not be attacked by Islamic extremists.

Some people might argue that U.S. foreign policy exacerbates terrorism.

Mr. Southers seems to at least understand the basics — we are being attacked by Islamic extremists. Surely he would, as head of the Transportation Safety Administration, institute some sort of profiling to stop Islamic extremists.

Not so fast. Erroll Southers says the thought that terrorists are all Middle-Eastern and Islamic is a misconception. According to Erroll Southers, we’ve overrated the threat posed by Islamic radicals and we need to focus on pro-lifers and Christians instead.

Lastly, never mind the guy setting off the Geiger counter. Southers wants us all to know the nuclear terrorism threat is quite small.