Charlie Crist Will Drop Out of the Senate Race

The Crist campaign says it is not true, but the writing is on the wall. Again and again the media turns against Crist.Another blow to the Crist campaign came today as the Republican National Committee’s War Room sent out this unflattering story about the failures of the Crist campaign.The RNC did that. [UPDATE: Todd Herman at the RNC tells me this afternoon (1/12/2010) that “The War Room is a new gathering service which gathers news from a huge variety of sources, which serves to keep our employees informed about news coverage from all over. Consequently, the War Room send out hundreds of stories, helpful and unhelpful to Republicans, each day—all of them for information only.” He also notes the RNC does not endorse any of the articles.]But Crist valiantly made a blow stand this evening in Pinellas County. It is his home county. After seeing Marco Rubio win every single straw poll of every single county in Florida that has had them so far, Crist knew that tonight he would win the Pinellas County GOP straw poll. It is, after all, his own freaking county.Crist lost. The vote was 106-54 in Marco Rubio’s favor. In Charlie Crist’s home county.Charlie Crist is going to drop out of the U.S. Senate primary in Florida. The writing is on the wall. It reads “Mene Mene Tekel Parsin“.

“I volunteered for Charlie for nine years. I love Charlie as a person. If he was here, I would give him a big hug. He actually called me about this (straw poll) yesterday,’’ said Wilna Varney of Largo, who voted for Rubio. “But I’m a more conservative person and I’m going to support the more conservative candidate.”