My mistake

I’ve got to issue a bit of an apology to Stephen Colbert. For once the lefties online are right about something.In gearing up for the Colbert Report, I spoke several times to Stephen’s staff. We went over the topic areas to be discussed, played twenty minutes of question on the types of areas he’d pursue, and then in the green room Monday night kind of recapped.My twittering never came up. So when defending my statement on Linda Douglass that she was the Joseph Goebbels of the White House, I told him she’d called anti-health care deform activists “brown shirts.” Actually, she didn’t. In trying to remember why I had called her that, I got her confused with Congressman Brian Baird, which happened about the same time as all the other stuff. Sorry for getting her confused with Brian Baird, or rather I guess I should apologize to Brian Baird for getting him confused with a hack like Douglass.I actually called Douglass that related to her demand for people to turn in their neighbors by forwarding in their emails with supposedly lies and mistruths about health care. Goebbels was Hitler’s propaganda minister and believed that the big lie, if told often enough, would be accepted as truth. In her capacity in the White House promoting health care deform through propaganda and efforts to have people turn their neighbors in for daring to speak against Obamacare, and as a former journalist who gave soft ball interviews on the campaign trail to members of Obama’s campaign team, thereby helping him advance, then jumping ship to work for him, I still stand by the comparison.We spent eight years having the left compare George Bush to Hitler and then have had more than Brian Baird call anti-health care deform activists brownshirts and the like. Two can play that game.Notwithstanding all of that, I did misspeak on the Colbert Report as to my explanation. I need apologize for not meeting the appropriate level of truthiness, but I still think calling her Josephine Goebbels is spot on for the aforementioned reasons.