Morning Briefing for January 5, 2009

RedState Morning Briefing
For January 5, 2010

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1. 9/11 Didn’t Happen: The Obama Administration Tries to Prove George Bush Was Wrong

It would be one thing if our lives were not at stake.Barack Obama has decided he is going to show the world that George Bush was wrong in how he conducted the war on terror. Bush decided to send foreign terrorist enemies to GTMO for questioning by the military and, in a few cases, to be water boarded to get answers.Obama is above that He is better than that. Barack Obama is going to prove to the world and to the 55-60% of Americans who prefer to kill lest we be killed that he is better than them all.Unfortunately for us, our lives are at stake.According to the Washington Post, because Obama decided to treat the terrorist who wanted to blow up Delta 253 over Detroit as a criminal instead of a terrorist, the terrorist now has a defense attorney who has advised the terrorist that he does not have to cooperate or talk.So how as the Obama administration decided to respond?They are going to give the terrorist a plea bargain.A plea bargain. For a terrorist. This isn’t prosecuting a war. This is playing Law & Order. We have a President who really does believe all the world is a stage and he is a Screen Actors Guild member.How many Americans will die because Barack Obama decided to lawyer up instead of soldier up?Please click here for the rest of the post.

2. Barack Obama: A President That Wasn’t

Hillary Clinton once said, during her run for President against her current boss, that the Presidency was no place for on the job training. She said she would be ready to lead from day one and that she would know what to do when that 3 am call came to the White House. Whether or not true of Hillary, we have learned these last 12 months that it is certainly not true of Barack Obama; Obama was NOT ready to lead from day one and he has failed to lead ever since. His own 3 am calls are going straight to voice mail (he’s out shooting hoops you see, or working on that birdie putt on Maui) and his on the job training continues with very little acquired knowledge to actually show for the troubles he has caused Americans.Please click here for the rest of the post.

3. Asia one more area Obama has failed to engage

So you have to ask yourself if you trust Obama to engage on this critical issue. Domestically he has been busy – when not golfing – twisting every possible arm to pass health care reform against the wishes of the American people. He spent precious time and resources on Copenhagen and seems intent on passing a devastating Cap and Trade system (if vulnerable Democratic senators don’t convince him to hold off).On the national security front, he seems incapable of recognizing the war on terror as anything more than a law enforcement or public relations battle; and avoids making the necessary commitments and hard choices. He has damaged relationships with the CIA and our allies around the world and blamed former President Bush at every possible opportunity.On top of all of this, the President’s leftist base is full of anti-free trade unions intent on preventing critical trade agreements from moving forward despite their obvious benefit to the American economy and the important role they play strategically.Do you think President Obama has the capability and inclination to ignore the shrieks from the unions and diligently pursue free trade in Asia as a counter-weight to the growing strength of China and the Islamic world? Does having Hillary Clinton at the State Department make you feel any better?Please click here for the rest of the post.

4. If Conservatives Are Serious About Their Resurgence, They Will Defeat Bob Bennett (R-UT)

Poor wittle conservatives. Nobody wistens to the poor wittle conservatives.The Senate Minority Leader talks like a conservative, but behind closed doors he does everything he can to shut down conservative small government agenda items and pro-life measures so he doesn’t have to vote for them.House guys are little better. Remember Dede Scozzafava and the House GOP support for her?Everyone likes to flirt with the conservatives and get their money, but they all get the joke — at the end of the day, conservatives will perform any act the Republican establishment asks to be performed, including acts Monica Lewinsky would blush at and run from.Everybody gets the joke.It is no wonder the tea party movement polls better than the GOP.To the Republican establishment, NY-23 was just a temper tantrum. In fact, I know of more than one allegedly conservative elected Republican who loved the results of NY-23 because they think it finally put conservatives in their place.That’s the reality of it. Conservatives are and have been perfectly willing for far too long to accept Republican establishment leaders who either actively hate conservatives or are wholly indifferent to them.Trust me, the people who treat pro-lifers with the most distain are not pro-choice leftists, but leadership Republicans who want their money and vote, but otherwise wish they’d shut the heck up.And that situation is going to continue until conservatives decide to take a Republican scalp in a GOP primary.Please click here for the rest of the post.

5. The Republican Unicorns and Reality

Remember 2000? Bush spent a good bit more in resources in California than any sane person thought prudent. He lost California.Republicans have, for a long time, been losing California. Ahnuld (writing it this way so I don’t have to look up the proper spelling of his last name) has largely been a fluke. He came to power in 2003 during the Gray Davis debacle and won re-election largely by becoming a Democrat.Nonetheless, Republicans keep spending money to win statewide in California. Look at the NRSC’s commitment to Carly Fiorina.Compare California to Massachusetts. That state is probably as tough as California, but it has elected a string of Republican governors from Bill Weld to Mitt Romney — it has had Republican governors who have behaved more Republican than Ahnuld and have won within the last decade.But while the GOP has been standing behind Carly Fiorina in California in pursuit of the mythical GOP win there, the same cannot be said of the GOP helping Scott Brown in Massachusetts.I think we should take a serious look at Scott Brown.Please click here for the rest of the post.