Democrats are Worried in Massachusetts

First read Moe.Then know that I’ve got more and more people telling me the Democrats are actually worried about Scott Brown now.We have to be careful though. This race is going to be won or lost on Massachusetts issues. Gov. Patrick is not exactly popular right now. There are other issues up there. Our temptation is going to be to make it a national race about health care.It is true that were Scott Brown elected, health care would pretty much be DOA in the Senate. But, if this race is nationalized and Scott Brown loses, the Dems will try hard to spin it as a victory for Obama. We’re in a catch 22 over it.That said, given that no one would be surprised if the Democrat won up there, we might as well see what we can do for Scott Brown. If he does not win, we are hold steady at the status quo. If he wins? Game changer.Hopefully the Scott Brown campaign is paying attention and also not getting tempted to make a Doug Hoffman mistake. By that, I mean Hoffman really ran as a national candidate, not a local candidate. Owens, in contrast, related issues back to the local issues and people. Scott Brown is going to have to make this a race about Massachusetts and its issues.On the outside though, we all know what’s at stake.

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