Merge the 'Terror' Lists to Prevent the Next Attack

Great piece by Jed Babbin over at Human Events today.

It would be satisfying — and manifestly just — for President Obama to fire Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.  She abjures the “politics of fear,” and prefers the term “man-caused disasters” to the word “terrorism.” And it was her risible reaction to the failed Christmas Day attack (“the system worked”) that redundantly proved her unfit for her job.  And it would be satisfying — and equally justified — for Obama to remove Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair from his bureaucratic aerie.  Blair’s job — a layer of dysfunctional supervision over the entire intelligence community — is to ensure intelligence is gathered, analyzed and applied.  Which is obviously not being done. But the problem is not just Napolitano or Blair. It’s their boss, and the costly bureaucratic maze that’s been created around airline security.  Obama wants to treat terrorists as civilian criminals. And we’ve burdened ourselves too much since 9-11.  It’s time to shift the burden.