If Conservatives Are Serious About Their Resurgence, They Will Defeat Bob Bennett (R-UT)

“Conservatives have a perfect opportunity to shift an existing Republican seat to the right. They should seize the opportunity and defeat Bob Bennett.”

Poor wittle conservatives. Nobody wistens to the poor wittle conservatives.The Senate Minority Leader talks like a conservative, but behind closed doors he does everything he can to shut down conservative small government agenda items and pro-life measures so he doesn’t have to vote for them.House guys are little better. Remember Dede Scozzafava and the House GOP support for her?Everyone likes to flirt with the conservatives and get their money, but they all get the joke — at the end of the day, conservatives will perform any act the Republican establishment asks to be performed, including acts Monica Lewinsky would blush at and run from.Everybody gets the joke.It is no wonder the tea party movement polls better than the GOP.To the Republican establishment, NY-23 was just a temper tantrum. In fact, I know of more than one allegedly conservative elected Republican who loved the results of NY-23 because they think it finally put conservatives in their place.That’s the reality of it. Conservatives are and have been perfectly willing for far too long to accept Republican establishment leaders who either actively hate conservatives or are wholly indifferent to them.Trust me, the people who treat pro-lifers with the most distain are not pro-choice leftists, but leadership Republicans who want their money and vote, but otherwise wish they’d shut the heck up.And that situation is going to continue until conservatives decide to take a Republican scalp in a GOP primary.Allow me to recommend Bob Bennett (R-UT). In fact, if conservatives really do want to be taken seriously by the GOP and not be seen as just puppets for leadership, defeating Bob Bennett should be the number one agenda item of every conservative in the United States of America, even surpassing the desire to see Marco Rubio beat Charlie Crist.1

  1. Just a note to stop the hate mail flowing in for being a traitor to Marco Rubio: we can fight on two fronts at once, but the reason this should be our number one agenda item is because (for those of you who stopped here instead of going below the fold) the Utah GOP Convention is only a couple months away. It is a higher priority because it is much more pressing. I’m not nor would I ever suggest abandoning Marco. Only one of these have I called a ‘hill to die on.’ Better now?

Bennett is the eighth most liberal Republican Senator and he is from the most conservative state in the nation. There is no reason for Bennett to still be in office.Under Bennett’s health care alternative to Obamacare, the government would fund abortions and individuals would be forced to buy their own health care under pain of serious financial penalty. In fact, the present Senate health care plan is, in some instances, to the right of the Bob Bennett plan.Bennett is also a champion of larger government. He has rarely met a government plan he did not approve of. Likewise, he is a huge porker, voting repeatedly to fund government expansions and line the pockets of big businesses wishing to shut out competitors and entrepreneurs.Bob Bennett has made no secret of his disdain for conservatives. Though he is not in the Republican Senate leadership, his best friend forever Mitch McConnell has allowed him a seat at the table. Using that position and the ear of his bff, Bennett has sabotaged pro-life legislation, ethics reform, tax reform, and regulatory reform that would help entrepreneurial small businesses over the big businesses the GOP so often considers their friend because the word “business” appears in the phrase.Defeating Bob Bennett is a no-brainer. There is little chance a Democrat could win the seat statewide in Utah. Likewise, the Bennett defeat would come in a convention, not a bloody and expensive primary. If 60% of Utah Republicans reject Bennett at their state convention, he’s toast without a primary. And that convention happens in just a few months — which is why I put a higher priority on this than the Rubio v. Crist race. The timeline is rapid and gives us time to get back to Florida.Conservatives have a perfect opportunity to shift an existing Republican seat to the right. They should seize the opportunity and defeat Bob Bennett.Oh, and if you have a Facebook account, you can see that Bob Bennett is having a “fireside chat” in Provo, UT this Tuesday night. The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Provo Marriott. To RSVP, email [email protected] or call 801-328-4889.