Fact Checking the AP

How many reporters did the AP deploy to “fact check” Sarah Palin? Nearly a dozen?Today, the AP is running a report on Rush Limbaugh and notes — not for the first time:

Limbaugh broadcasts from his mansion in Palm Beach, Fla.

That’s a flat out lie.I know where Rush broadcasts from and it ain’t his house. In fact, as Rush himself has pointed out (and no, the AP doesn’t get a pass for not listening to Rush because Media Matters, from which the AP gets most of its talking points, does listen to Rush on a daily basis), Palm Beach prohibits home-office businesses and has since around the turn of the 20th century.Rush broadcasts out of an office building in Palm Beach. Heck, had the AP read the New York Times Sunday Magazine profile of Rush from last year when his new deal with Premier Radio was announced, they would have know that fact.

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