DHS and the Terror Attacks

After September 11, 2001, “small government” Republicans and spendthrift Democrats collaborated to create the largest bureaucracy ever designed by Washington — the Department of Homeland Security.We know that federal bureaucracies are inherently inefficient. Luckily the GOP stopped the unionization of DHS. Nonetheless, it is still a bureaucracy. The wheels of bureaucracy grind slowly — especially when filled with career bureaucrats of varying degrees of commitment to their job. The guys who want to make the most impact left DHS and signed up the Marines.DHS did not handle the aftermath of Katrina well at all. We can all admit that. In fact, Southern Baptist Missions Board, WalMart, and the Salvation Army ran rings around DHS.And that was with a President who loathed the bureaucracy and knew how to crack a whip.Now we have a President who takes months to make a decision about the war in Afghanistan. When the boss takes forever to make a decision, of course that descends into the whole company machine, magnified by the initial inertia of a government bureaucracy.We should have let Matt Stone and Trey Parker designed system for us.