Senator Jim DeMint Steps Up Again to Lead. McClatchy Newspapers Cries.

McClatchy Newspapers is the alleged “news” organization that runs terrorist propaganda out of Iraq as legitimate news. It’s Washington editor tried very hard to push local McClatchy reporters in North Carolina to write damaging stories on Blackwater. It hired anonymous Iraqis during the Iraq War to write lots of unverifiable stories about the horrors of American soldiers.Today, in another example of its bias, its national news feed runs the headline Who’s running the TSA? No one, thanks to Sen. Jim DeMint.Compare that to the Washington Post, which ran the identical story with the headline “Republican senator DeMint holds up nomination for TSA chief“.The McClatchy headline is not even true. In fact, it is objectively a lie.From the story itself, “Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) had not scheduled a floor vote on Southers before the Senate left town on Christmas Eve, and the Senate will not be back in session for another three weeks.”So Reid hasn’t even tried to schedule a vote. But what is most important is the reason for Jim DeMint’s hold on the TSA nominee. The nominee, Erroll Southers, has refused to go on record opposing the TSA from hooking up with a labor union. That’s right — the Obama administration is flirting with unionizing the TSA and Southers is refusing to say whether he supports or opposes the efforts.Remember the Department of Homeland Security votes in 2002? The effort by Max Cleland (D-GA) to let that department unionize sank his re-election bid. The public does not want federal agents charged with protecting them unionizing.We must prevent the TSA from operating like a trip to the DMV. Imposing union work rules would cripple an already burdensome airport experience. Jim DeMint is on the right side of this, despite McClatchy Newspapers and the White House trying to make him look like the bad guy.

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