RedState Catching Ben Nelson Trying to Make Himself Look Honorable While Behaving Dishonorably

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Yesterday, showing real leadership, Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) ground the United States Senate to halt for a brief time, making us wonder why Mitch McConnell had been unable to do that in the past month.

DeMint went down to the floor of the Senate and made a motion to suspend the rules of the Senate to allow the insertion of one more amendment into the health care legislation. His amendment? A prohibition on cash for cloture.

DeMint’s amendment, which he and Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) had originally co-authored and passed back in 2007 only to see it killed, would prohibit Senators from accepting targeted earmarks for their states in exchange for votes on legislation. This time, Senator Durbin made a motion to table Senator DeMint’s effort, saying he did not understand why Senator DeMint would think an anti-cash for cloture amendment was needed.

Ben Nelson of Cornhusker Hustle fame went to the floor of the Senate to vote for Senator Durbin’s effort to kill the DeMint motion. But, once the fair Senator from Nebraska saw that there were enough votes, without his, to kill the DeMint effort, Nefarious Nelson went back and changed his vote.

There is just one problem for Ben Nelson. 700 miles away from the action in Washington, D.C., the lowly Editor of RedState.com reached out to a Senate contact and got from the ash heap the actual factual very real Senate Clerk’s roll call tabulation sheet.

You can see it for yourself right here. You’ll note how the Clerk put a line in the “Yea” column for Senator Nelson, then scratched through it, putting a line in the “Nay” column. That’s what the clerk does when a Senator switches his vote.

700 miles away from Senator Nelson, RedState still PWND him.