Recess Leadership

Jed Babbin has today’s top story at Human Events.

Today the Senate will drop its huge lump of coal in our Christmas stockings by passing Harry Reid’s version of the Obamacare bill. And when it’s done, its members can join the already-recessed House for their much-anticipated if not well-earned Christmas vacation.  Congressional recesses, especially the Christmas break, were short vacations from politics until Bill Clinton invented the never-ending campaign. And Barack Obama has made the Clinton method a thousand times worse.  In the “crisis for sale” environment Obama created, there is never a respite.  And in the few weeks between today and January 19 when congress reconvenes there will be none. Staff talks have already commenced and the moment they’re back the House-Senate conference on the Obamacare bill will begin.  Who can doubt that the “crisis” in healthcare will be more urgent than ever when congress reconvenes?