Cornyn's Pot Calls Conservative Kettle Black

The man who chose Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio for the Florida Senate race says we conservatives ‘have to yield to reality’ when it comes to picking races that can and cannot be won.Whaaa …?So Cornyn and the NRSC jump into bed with Charlie Crist because of the poll numbers in Florida and now Crist is tied to or behind Marco Rubio. The NRSC also said Pat Toomey was not a viable alternative to Arlen Specter and even after Specter jumped to the Democrats, the NRSC worked valiantly to try to convince every other Republican in Pennsylvania to get in so they wouldn’t have to deal with Toomey.And conservatives should listen to him on this matter? I suggest that Senator Cornyn needs to yield to reality that his NRSC operation has not exactly done a masterful job so far and his advice amounts to a “we know best in Washington” approach.As I have said before, conservatives may decide that Kelly Ayotte is better than Ovide LaMontagne. Conservatives may decide Jane Norton is better than Ken Buck. And conservatives may decide that Mark Kirk is better than Pat Hughes. Or, conservatives may decide one is more viable than the other.But we should not rely on the group that chose Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio and Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey to tell us.Here is the problem for the NRSC and the Republican Establishment. They are panicked.The tea party movement outpolls the GOP.The conservative challengers are performing as well as or better than the establishment picks.

  • The NRSC lost in Pennsylvania.
  • The NRSC is going to lose in Florida and California.
  • The NRSC is losing in Kentucky.
  • The NRSC may very well lose in Colorado and New Hampshire.

That takes six seats away from the “we get credit” list. The NRSC narrative is that conservatives cannot win. But if the conservatives win even the primaries in these states, the NRSC cannot take credit. And if the conservatives then win the general elections, which is wholly probable given this election cycle, the establishment GOP will find no vindication and no claims to fame.If conservatives beat the NRSC and the Washington Establishment GOP, conservatives re-establish themselves as the dominant players within the GOP and people like Rob Jesmer, the Executive Director of the NRSC whose strategy is to elect moderates, will be left with no hook on which to hang his hat.I hope when you are considering which races to support you will remember this. Do not be tempted to presume that the NRSC candidate should be our candidate. If you do, you run the serious risk of letting them take credit and solidifying their strategy that conservative candidates cannot win.

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