The Difference Between Conservatives and Republicans

It is highlighted in this comment here with the guy weighing in as the mouthpiece of the establishment GOP.And then there is my response.One of the things I always find amusing is the leadership flacks for the GOP who come to RedState to lecture you and me that we are ignorant boobs who really don’t know how anything works because we are not on Capitol Hill.If only we were there we would know. And yet this guy gets several points wrong, including saying that the minority cannot force votes in the Senate when, in fact, we are seeing Jim DeMint do that tomorrow when he forces a vote on the constitutionality of the individual mandate.But we’re all just rubes.It is comments like that first one that generally show how much contempt the GOP leadership has for you and me. Mitch McConnell spent the better part of yesterday parading around a host of talk radio shows and television shows to say the GOP would never give up and would never give in. They would fight until the bitter end.Then he threw in the towel today because by golly it might snow in D.C. tomorrow night.There is a reason the tea party movement outperforms the GOP in polls. The tea party movement has the perfect opportunity now to capitalize on the contempt GOP leaders show for the base and launch a coup of the party at the local level. The tea party activists can take over their local GOP precincts and through them take over their local and state parties, thereby taking over the national party.The GOP is ripe for the taking by conservatives. And we might as well so we get a few leaders and staffers who don’t hold activists in contempt.