Huge Blow to Charlie Crist Today

When Charlie Crist is losing even the establishment he is in serious trouble.Congressmen Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart have withdrawn their endorsements of Charlie Crist.

Lincoln offered few details as to why, just that Crist had “left us no alternative and he knows why.”Diaz-Balart said the withdrawal has nothing to do with Crist’s slumping poll numbers, and in fact, the decision was made weeks ago.

I have heard, though I do not know if it is true, that they are unhappy with a number of Crist’s recent policy decisions and a suggestion that Crist would be weak on Cuban policy. That last bit is a huge issue in South Florida.Regardless of why, that establishment Republicans are now not just not endorsing, but yanking their endorsements, is a huge problem for Crist.I say it again: I think Crist will drop out.