Sweet little Lindsey Graham has been left on the verge of tears over health care reform. No, not because it might pass, but because it might ruin his bi-partisan effort to impose cap and trade on Americans.The Democrats, intent on taking over 1/6th of the American economy are also intent on totally destroying another vital part of the economy — energy production. Sweet little Lindsey wants to help them.But because the Democrats have been such bullies on health care, passing it with zero Republican votes, Lindsey thinks they are putting his bipartisan compromise on cap and trade in jeopardy.

With a united Democratic Caucus, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was able to get to cloture on health care without a single GOP vote. But Democrats aren’t united on climate change, and the bitter battle over health care has left even sympathetic Republicans with little desire to help — a dynamic that would likely doom the bill to legislative failure.“It makes it hard to do anything because of the way this was handled,” said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).Graham didn’t elaborate, but he didn’t have to — the fierce partisan fights during the past few weeks have torn away at the Senate’s clubby decorum, raising temperatures, fraying nerves and creating what one Democratic senator has called a “very high” level of distrust among members.Graham’s words carry serious weight with supporters of climate change legislation because the South Carolina Republican has emerged as a leader on the issue in the Senate, working with Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) on a bipartisan bill.Other potentially “gettable” Republican senators also sounded discouraging notes Monday.

Seriously? Good! The Democrats have upended Senate precedent, ignored its own rules and the constitution, all in the name of taking over a huge portion of the American economy. And they thing any member of the GOP will help them do it a second time to a different sector of the economy? Even sweet Lindsey isn’t that stupid.