What About Those Messaging Amendments?

What did I say about Mitch McConnell’s “messaging strategy” early on? The GOP would need to offer up amendments that made it very difficult for the Democrats to vote against the particular amendments — from the Doc Fix to requiring everyone be on the Democrats’ plan including Senators, etc. etc, etc.Karl over at Hot Air has been paying closer attention than me to the offered Republican amendments and finds McConnell’s strategy to be an embarrassment across the board.

As far as I know, those types of amendments were never proposed (and if they were, the fact that someone following the debate as closely as I am would be unaware of them would suggest that using the strategy of using amendments for “messaging” was an abject failure). Harry Reid expected a GOP “doc fix” amendment, which would have either eliminated the Dems’ false claims of deficit reduction, or aggravated the AMA (one of the bought “stakeholders”) and doctors generally. In 1994, a GOP amendment gutting the employer mandate passed unanimously, which was key to the ClintonCare’s demise. The opposition to ReidCare’s “pay or play” from Left and Right should have made it a similarly inviting target. Without effective mandates, the bill’s math would have fallen apart. These are just my two favorite examples. I am sure others have their own candidates.