Roll Call Reports "GOP Considering Throwing in Towel in Health Fight" [UPDATED]

I reject the premise of this article. From my vantage point, the GOP threw in the towel in the beginning.They chose to message, not to fight. And now they want to go home before Christmas.What they should do is stay until the final vote begins and walk out without a single vote cast.There is no reason for any Republican in the United States Senate to participate in the final vote. But until then, make it as painful as possible.And truth be told, after the vote is cast, they should no longer play nice. Make every other vote in the United States Senate for the next year extremely painful, drawn out, and awkward.UPDATE 1: Senator Cornyn is opposed to throwing in the towel. Most excellent.UPDATE 2: Sources tell me the Senate GOP Leadership is considering yielding back time so that the Senate can wind down and get out of D.C. before Christmas. Talks are underway. Publicly, Senator McConnell’s office is denying the report.UPDATE 3: Roll Call is now reporting the Senate GOP has decided against retreat and will stay and fight.

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