Why we must unite behind Nikki Haley. All of us.

Interestingly, as I write this, word comes from the paper that one of the GOP candidates for Governor of South Carolina, has been AWOL from his day job. Gresham Barrett, a South Carolina Congressman, has been absent from more votes in the United States House of Representatives than any other Congressman, Democrat or Republican.Barrett is, like the other guys in the race, a good guy, but I have to ask what these guys have sacrificed for their principles. We are used to guys compromising in the name of comity and saving face and power. Rarely do we see a politician willing to be punished for sticking up for principles.That brings up to Nikki Haley. Back in 2008, Nikki Haley was up to be chairman of the South Carolina House’s powerful Labor, Commerce and Industry (LCI) Committee. Unfortunately for Haley, she had pushed legislation for greater transparency and spending restraint in the state legislature. The Republicans in the state legislature who talk a good game on fiscal conservatism, but don’t practice it, were angry. They told Haley if she did not back down, they would punish her.She refused. The House Speaker yanked her chairmanship.Haley, even then, refused to back down and forced an awkward vote for the GOP.At a time when too many Republicans refuse to fight, Nikki Haley fights. At a time when the rights of the states are under assault from Washington, when the people of the nation are having their wallets, jobs, and lives threatened by an out of touch federal bureaucracy, and when our free market is looked at with contempt by Democrats and many Republicans, we need fighters in charge of the several states.To paraphrase the first leader of the Republicans, Abraham Lincoln, we can’t spare Nikki Haley. She fights.