For the good of the GOP, will Charlie Crist drop out?

The first survey in the Florida Senate race was 54-8 in Charlie Crist’s favor. When Rubio broke into the mid-teens, Charlie Crist’s campaign said that for the good of the GOP, Rubio needed to withdraw.The NRSC endorsed campaign of Charlie Crist said Rubio would lose to Democrat Kendrick Meeks. Crist said that Rubio staying in the race would cause money to be spent unnecessarily in the GOP primary.John Cornyn and the NRSC said they were endorsing Charlie Crist because they did not want to have to spend a bunch of time and effort in Florida and . . . wait for it . . . Rubio could not win.But wait.The Rasmussen poll shows the race now tied. I suspect we will soon see other polls showing, if not a tie, the Crist lead down from 40 points to single digits, if not showing Rubio in the lead.What’s more, polling now shows Rubio performing better against Kendrick Meeks than Charlie Crist.For the good of the GOP, will the NRSC call on Charlie Crist to get out of the race? Will the Florida GOP call on Charlie Crist to get out of the race? You heard it hear first: Charlie Crist will drop out.